The Human Manifesto

  • The Human is a refereed academic journal of literature and culture, which is dedicated to intellectual discussion of diverse aspects of human experience. 
  • The Human is an entirely independent journal that has no ties to any associations or institutions, solely prioritizing independent dissemination of qualified knowledge and experience.
  • Works published in The Human aim to establish, question, analyze, problematize, and discover original methods of thoughts to contribute to solutions of current and deep-rooted human problems in the world.
  • Works published in The Human also seek after the truthful and the beautiful.
  • The Human calls to its readers from Anatolia and Istanbul – home for innumerable varieties of cultures, ideas, and beliefs, which help reveal vibrant and dynamic works of imagination and reason. They are timeless lands that symbolize the old and the new, the east and the west, the secular and the religious, the male and the female, the young and the aged, the intersection or the confrontation of the modern and the premodern; and in a universal sense, they form a metaphor for all confrontations and intersections, representing a reference point that overthrows all kinds of clichés, coerces each hegemonic system, and motivates for novel thought.
  • The Human recognizes and respects all human identities equally. Therefore, the journal is against discriminatory, sexist, racist terminology, argumentation, or discourses.
  • The Human neither favors neutralism nor does it support absolute relativism; it carries ethical concerns and responsibilities, thus, it may be on the side of the unequal.
  • The Human wishes to stand right in the middle of inspirations of reason or emotion.